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A professional and trusted Manufacturer,supplier for your Magnetic needs

About Us

A well-known company in the segment of high-performance and highly efficient Magnetic Tools, China Power Magnetics is indeed a name to rely upon. Ever since its beginning in the year 2000, the company has been engaged in designing, engineering and development of Magnetic Tools, Magnetic Lifters Products, Magnetic Lifting Tools Like Permanent Lifting Magnet, Automatic Magnetic Lifter which are featured in trouble-free operation and dependable function with consistency. We are a trusted Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of superior quality Magnetic Lifting Tools which promise for effective cleaning up of ferrous metals from the construction area.

China Power Magnetics has been committed to maintaining the optimal standards of quality and incorporating the useful features in its product line. The company has stood firm in providing the delightful business experience and maintaining the professional ethos, thereby continue to be a leading player from China in the realm of manufacturing Magnetic Tools which are widely used for lifting, moving, separating operations as well as serving material handling applications by industry leaders from chemical industry, steel, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and heavy industry.